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Just Wondering

Tags: just wondering
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Not really, just the cherry flavored if any.

I like the cherry & S’mores.

You just like cherry! :DD
Actually, that's my favorite fruit. No lie. :)
I guessed as much. :D
no on pop rocks. they are a novelty to try at least once, but didnt taste good enough for a second try.

mmm poptarts, i like the confetti cupcake. i really liked the grape flavored ones but they were only a temporary flavor *big dramatic sigh*.

i liked the temporary tattoos. but i didnt like cracker jacks themselves.
Temporary is the way to go.
when you're a little kid yes. i love all of my adult permanent tattoos and wish i had the money for more.
I like popping candy. My favourite donut shop does a donut with popping candy on top and it's a riot!

I have tried pop tarts but I don't have a favourite flavour. I think I had the white ones with sprinkles. Birthday cake, maybe?

We don't have the Cracker Jack thing here. I like prizes though!
Interesting. I had some and wasn't impressed by them.

Prizes are always fun! :D
Yes, I like the strawberry flavored and cotton candy flavored


We don't have Cracker Jacks in Finland xD
Ah, but you do have Pop tarts and Pop Rocks. Interesting.
Pop rocks were very cool!

Not sure. Maybe strawberry?

Don't remember.
I have to admit that I was never a fan of them or Poptarts.
They weren't the best tasting, but pop rocks felt really cool.
I remember not caring for that for some reason - no idea why.
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