spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

The Friday Five for January 17, 2020 (Just wondering)

1. Do you like it when people drop in to say hi without calling first?
2. When you go to dinner at someone’s house, what do you bring as a hostess gift?
3. Do you send thank you notes after a nice dinner or even a gift?
4. Do you like entertaining or do you prefer just hanging out?
5. When you have company, what do you do to entertain them or is that all on them?

1. I don't mind it as much as TBG does. Well, I didn't before I was awash in pee pads. Now I like five minutes warning so I can at least pick them up.

2. Usually wine, unless I know she or someone in the family is not a drinker. Then it's usually something sweet.

3. You bet. Usually the next morning (otherwise, I might forget).

4. I like both, really. It got to be nice with Barb coming over and just watching stuff that I never would have otherwise. I'm still not a fan of Doc Martin, though.

5. I try to make sure one of us stays with them and keeps the conversation going. Otherwise, they are on their own until we are done doing what we're doing in the kitchen.
Tags: just wondering, the friday five
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