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Well, that was nearly the week that was...

I can't believe the week has gone by without anyting much to post about. That's the danger of January. It lures you into a feeling of complacency and then February happens. Work has been draggy all week. We have gotten all the tax stuff done and will be getting our W-2 with a paycheck on Monday. I'm ready to get taxes files this year. I didn't overspend for Christmas, but I didn't underspend either and with the doctor bills, things are getting a little bleak in the checking account.

This weekend are the audtions for our next show, August, Osage County. I'm hoping that the turn out will be good, but you can never tell. Delta is doing "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime," Showbiz is doing Amelia and Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. We are getting stretched thinner and thinner these days.

It's also hard for me to believe that we are getting ready to start rehearsing our next to the last show of the season and we close It's Only a Play next weekend. Pretty soon, it will be time to start with our new season. Boy, this has gone by fast.

This morning I got a treat. Little Bullet rubbed against my legs as I was getting ready to feed my outside cats. He's never done that before. I even got a brief pet in before he remembreed to be afraid. He's so funny.

Healthwise, this has been a really great weeke for me. For the first time in about six months, my finger isn't acting up (I can't bend it, but it doesn't hurt) and I am hoping (touch wood) that things are better with my leg. I'm not getting cramps in it at night and it doesn't ache when I walk anymore. Can't be the weather because it's been damp and cold here. Whatever the case, I'm enjoying while it lasts.

Hope everyone is gearing up for the weekend. I know I am.
Tags: cats, health, theatre
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