spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Wakey, wakey!

Do you wish you were more alert? This simple exercise is supposed to help.

1. Count backward from 100 to zero as quickly as you can, preferably out loud.

2. Recite the alphabet, as quickly as possible, assigning each letter to an image ( a is for apple, b is for boy)

3. List 20 names of men you know, numbering them as you go, (1 Chris, 2 Jeff, etc.)

4. List 20 names of women you know, numbering them as you go, (1 Barb, 2 Sarah, etc.)

5. List 20 foods as quickly as you can, again numbering them.

6. Choose one letter of the alphabet and list 20 things that start with that letter, again numbering them.

7. Close your eyes and count slowly to twenty.

Feeling more alert? Honestly, I found it a little frustrating since most of the guys in my life all have the same names. I mean, how many freaking Johns, Eds, and Chrises can someone know?
Tags: fun stuff
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