spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

The Friday Five for February 21, 2020

1. Would you rather have the unpredictability of live theatre or the predictability of a movie?
2. Do you prefer the symphony and/or opera to a live band or the other way around?
3. When you go to a museum, where do you head first?
4. Would you prefer a pub crawl or a sampling of beer or wine in one restaurant?
5. When you visit a new place, what is the first thing you like to visit – something recommended by a travel agency/travel book or something recommended by a friend?

1. You would think, since I'm in the theatre, that would be my first choice and often it is, but I do enjoy going to see the Studio Ghibli movies in a theater setting and you know I will be there for the new Minions movie.

2. I love classical music, but I'd much rather see a live band.

3. Usually, I will head for the Egyptian display or the Natural history (especially if there are dinosaurs involved).

4. I usually prefer to stay in one spot than move from place to place, especially if there is alcohol involved.

5. Almost always I will take a friend's suggestion first and I will usually ask them if they have experienced whatever is being reccommended to see what they think.
Tags: just wondering, the friday five
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