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So, I belong to a site called Cruise Critics

There you can talk about *you guessed it* cruising.

This was posted this morning from the Pacific Princess (our favorite ship and the one we will be on in June)by hpeabody:

Greetings from the Indian Ocean on board the Pacific Princess 2020 World Cruise. I thought I would share a bit about our situation. The 2020 World Cruise began officially from Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades on Jan 5th (I joined in LA on Jan 20th) The Corona virus had just barely come into being when the cruise began. The Pacific Princess had come from Europe and crossed the Atlantic and has not been in any Asian port in a very long time. The cruise started out well, but then we missed the port of Rangiroa in French Polynesia due to “port congestion” We were ported in Moorea instead and then had an overnight in Papeete. All is still pretty well. We then headed to New Zealand, but a severe storm prevented us from seeing the Fjordlands and Stewart Island. We were ported in Christchurch instead. We crossed “the ditch” / Tasman Sea to get to Australia and made all our intended Australia ports. This is now where things start to go askew. We were informed that the ship would be denied entry to Bali, Singapore and Phuket, Thailand. We instead sailed to Western Australia where we spent 4 unscheduled days. We were informed on Mar 1st that the Maldives will not welcome ANY cruise ship and we make a call to a second port in the Seychelles. Then we were to go on to Sri Lanka (A 7 day crossing instead of 3) Yesterday, Mar 5th we were informed that NO PASSENGERS OR CREW would be allowed to disembark in Colombo. This will now be considered a “Service Call” only to take on only necessary provisions, but not all the goods that were supposed to be. This would mean that the people who had booked the Taj Mahal overland trip would NOT be making that trip, which was a major bucket list item for some. Today, Mar 6th we had a full Q & A session with the Captain, ship’s Doctor and Hotel General Manager which was of course packed. Many issues were brought up, everything from specifics about Corona virus, impact to the rest of our itinerary, compensation from Princess to hand washing and ship sanitation. No one knows what our fate will ultimately be at this moment.

The good news is … we are a very SAFE SHIP and probably better off here than any other place. We are being very well taken care of by staff and crew and my fellow passengers have been pretty amazing. It is difficult for all of us being in this very unusual predicament.

We continue to be very well taken care of. Spirits tend to remain pretty good on board. Passengers are enjoying the pool and the planned activities and getting to know each other. We have aptly named our scavenger hunt group Lost at Sea. We just hope we will be welcome back in the US when we arrive at Fort Lauderdale/Port Everglades at the end of April without any issues or quarantine.
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