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a generous offer

I received this e mail today -

Hello everyone,
On behalf of everyone at the fan club here in Florida, hello and well met. If you are receiving this email you are likely either a member of the GoG, a member of another club that we are in regular contact with, or are one of the contributing authors to this project. As more and more people find themselves in lock-down and self-quarantine, we at the Guardians of Gallifrey thought it might be nice to have a little more Doctor Who for everyone to enjoy.

Enter our fan authors. Thanks to their generous permission, we currently have enough long-form fiction for twelve issues. These authors, to me, form the backbone of what fandom is truly about – sharing what you love for the betterment of the community at large. Without them, there would be no ‘zine.

Attached you will find Tales from the Matrix #1. This new limited-run ‘zine is planned as a weekly, and hopefully it will provide just a little bit of distraction during a time when everyone needs it. We here at the Guardians of Gallifrey know that everyone is being impacted by this, so this is our small part to bring a bit of light in the darkness.

The entire run of this ‘zine is meant to be treated like the VHS tapes of old, freely distributed from fan to fan. Please, go ahead and forward it along to anyone you know who may enjoy it. We’re all in this together.

Bob Brinkman

I am one of the contributing authors and my offer to you is this - if you are interested, pm me your e mail and I will e mail you the first issue of the zine.
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