spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Grabbed from Nakeisha

Driven 100 mph - Yes
Ridden in a helicopter - Yes
Gone zip lining - No
Been to an NFL game - No
Been to Canada Yes
Visited Florida - Yes
Visited Mexico - Yes
Visited Vegas - Yes
Eaten alone at a restaurant- Yes
Ability to read music - Yes
Ridden a motorcycle - No
Ridden a horse – Yes
Stayed in a hospital – Yes
Donated blood - Yes
Been snow skiing - No
Been to Disney World or Disney Land - Yes
Slept outside – Yes
Driven a stick shift - Yes
Ridden in an 18 wheeler - Yes
Ridden in a police car? - Yes
Driven a boat - Yes
Eaten Escargot - Yes
Been on a cruise - Yes
Run out of gas - no
Been on TV - Yes
Eaten Sushi - Yes
Seen a UFO - No
Been Bungie jumping - No
Tags: fun meme
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