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So I made this last night

Sadly, I didn't take any photos. I served it with honey glazed carrots and pan fried noodle. TBG proclaimed it a hit. I suspect this would also work for beef, chicken, or lamb, too.

Spice-Rubbed Mango-glazed pork tenderloin

Prep 10 mins. Grill 90 mins. Serves 4

¼ c. mango chutney
1 T dark rum
2 t cinnamon
½ t ground allspice
¾ t salt
1 1 pound pork tenderloin

Spray grill rack with nonstick spray. Preheat the grill to medium-high or prepare a medium fire*.

To make the glaze, combine mango chutney and rum together into a cup

To make the rub, combine dry ingredients in a cup.

Spread rub over pork tenderloin and then lightly spray with nonstick spray. Place the tenderloin on the grill rack and grill, turning 10 minutes.

Continue to grill the pork, turning and brushing it with the glaze until internal temperature reads 160 F for medium. Remove from grill and let rest for 5 mins.**

Transfer to a cutting board and cut in the 12 slices.

*I decided to do ours in the oven, so turned it to 400 F. Cooking time is about the same.

**I made extra glaze and served it on the side.
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