spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

What just happened here?

I can't believe that it's Thursday already. For not having had a mess to do, the week sure went fast. Our Board of Director's met on Tuesday and mapped out where we were headed next. Sure wish they'd share it with the rest of us... I have texted Dennis, emailed Dominee and Araceli and nothing. It's very frustrating to think I'm the only employee who doesn't know what's going on (as I's sure Dennis brought Val and CJ up to speed immediately. Sigh... I sit in No Man's Land... No Person's land?... and wait.

On better news, this had been my third day without any UTI/bladder symptoms. I am feeling hopeful. Overall, our health is good and we are doing our best to get exercise and eat well, but not too well. Our mental state, well, it's doing okay, but we do both have our moments of gloom and doom. It's hard to think that the normal we knew is gone forever.

At least the cats are happy having us around...

Updated to add - just off off the phone with Dominee. It looks like we are funded through the end of April. After that we will see...
Tags: real life and not so much
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