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So freaking hot...

When it's this hot, everything seems a burden. Last night at nine p.m., it was still 104... then by Saturday, it will be 80. My poor plants don't know whether to shrivel or shiver.

Went to work yesterday and attacked the donation letters. There were 272 to send out and I did the first 100. I'll do the next batch when I go in next Tuesday. Lest you worry, the letters are simply for next year's taxes. I did hear from Araceli that there are no plans to open the theatre before the end of June. Sigh... Dominee wants to see how the churches do and then ride on their coattails if everything is fine in three weeks(that's the time frame the Governor has put on them for fully reopening albeit with guidelines).

Looking at my vacation time and whatnot, I could leave work as early as the 6th of July, but I will probably stay the month through as there's a fundraiser planned and other things. Would I stay another month or two if they asked, probably, but I know they won't. Araceli wants the money my vacated position would provide, plus there is also a reduction in insurance for them.

For some reason, that put me in a funky yesterday. I want to retire. Hell, I'd be better off retiring financially, but I somehow saw it going a bit differently.

Two of our counties are starting to push for Stage Three openings here. Everything is pretty much open except for theatres (and theaters), massage parlors and tattoo places. Even so, things are still very quiet and a lot of people are staying home (the heat is helping with that, I think).

Okay, random shots throughout the week!

My wild hair before my Tuesday hair cut.  It's never been wavy before...

There was a pallette fire at the old Del Monte warehouse.  Thank our stars there was no wind.

Moe came to visit me while I was working on my letters.

My painting.  it turned out better than I thought it would.

The panel in progress. Sorry it's sideways

And what I have left to go.  I'm just about half done
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