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A Just wondering/The Friday Five for 12 June 2020: Travel

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1. Where did you travel on your last vacation or other big trip?

2. What was the best trip you ever took? Where did you go, and with whom, and what made it so good?

3. Where do you dream of traveling on your next vacation when it's safe to travel again?

4. Where are you likely to actually travel to on your next vacation when it's safe?

5. Do you prefer to vacation to new places each time or to familiar places -- or maybe you prefer to stay home?

1. Hmm, our last trip was to Orlando to see our friends over a year ago. Before that, it was to Italy and Greece in 2018.

2. Another headscratcher because I love every trip I've been on. However, the most exciting was to Asia. We did China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam. Talk about brave new worlds. We saw the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Xian Warriors and we had the best table mates ever. We did everything together and had such fun. Sigh... that was in 2005,

3. Dream, scheme, we have a cruise booked for New Zealand and I'm thinking of doing another cruise to Tahiti. For the moment, though, I will be happy just to get to the Foothills.

4 See No. 3

5. Both. We've been to Tahiti many times, same with Hawaii, but I'd go back to either in a heartbeat. I do like to see new places, too, which will make the upcoming cruise fun as it's to cities we haven't yet visited in New Zealand.

So, what do you say?
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