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The Foothills Day 1

Foothills Thursday July 2

After dispensing with a hearing test and my ear doctor, it was time to load up the car and head up the hill. We’d been anticipating this for a long time and were both determined to have fun. The traffic wasn’t bad and we left town around 10:10 and arrived in Sutter Creed at 11:15 (had a couple motorhomes, which always slows things down. Plus I had a cop behind me for about twenty miles, so I drove the speed limit).

We arrived at the Day’s Inn and were the only guests here. Our room was ready (had been for three days!) and we unloaded the truck. Then it was time to go in search of sustenance! We headed over to Gold Mine Pizza and had a fabulous pizza and salad under the eucalyptus tree. There was a mom, daughter and grandchild, but they were at the other end of the yard.

After filling up at Safeway, we drove into Jackson to see what was and wasn’t open. Most of the stores and restaurants were open, but not Stanley’s, our traditional first night spot to dine. According to the sign, they were renovating.

That left us with a ‘where do we go now?’ to ponder as we drove over to Plymouth to the Pokerville Flats Grocery store. Bought a case of assorted Sobon (my birthday gift to me) and chatted with several like-minded people. We can’t seem to get through to the winery, so I am not sure if we will drive there tomorrow just to check it out of not.

We were sorry to see that our little breakfast place was closed, but we expected it. It’s a one man show and the place only seats about 25 anyhow. We will have to find something else for breakfast.

We stopped at the Imperial and they said that they were seating on their back patio for dinner, so we decided that sounded good.

Back to the room to rest and relax (after all, it IS a vacation). I worked on the computer and quilted while TBG read and slept. At ten to six, we headed over for dinner and what a great choice it turned out to be.

We were the only ones there at first (two other tales joined us) and we had a lovely time with Walter, a very friendly Maine Coon mix that lives at the restaurant. He was so loving, but was having a problem with burrs in his tail. Suddenly a man and wife showed up complete with curry brushes and towels. They were guests and she was a vet. They’d met Walter the night before and went to get everything they needed for Walter to have a day at the Kitty Spa. And he ate it up, letting them do whatever they wanted. The only time he got annoyed was when they put Advantage on him (and you are right, Sparky. The vet said that it does sting some cats). We didn’t see Walter after that! :DD

Now to the important part, dinner. They carry Sobon, so I ordered a bottle of zinfandel. The waitress brought me a glass. When I told the hostess/barkeeper (who was also waitressing), she said she’d just opened the bottle for me and brought it to me. We ordered roasted garlic and brie as an app (TBG ordered lamb, I got crispy chicken). Then a glass of chardonnay was delivered to my table. The girl said that it was part of my meal (it wasn’t, but it was a very good chardonnay).

The app was yummy, but not huge and my plate came with a piece of chicken and a Caesar Salad. It wasn’t huge, either, and that meant I had room for a scoop of their homemade pear ice cream for dessert. As there were only two other tables seated, we took out time and just enjoyed the cool breezes and the crickets.

Surprisingly, I slept like a rock, except when I woke to some kids running up and down the hall. Just as I was ready to call the front desk, it stopped. Five other rooms rented and we get someone who lets his kid run wild… sigh… Thankfully I went right back to sleep and slept well until four the next morning! Perfection!

Fred in his mask

Meet Walter

He's very shy

The outside dining


My wine Plus One

Crispy chicken (very moist)

Rack of lamb

You can tell how much time passed between dinner and dessert.  It was so lovely
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