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Foothills – Saturday July 4

The words

Woke up feeling a little rough and knew I’d pushed the envelope a little too hard the night before. The headache soon left, but I had an off stomach all day, even after taking something. Still, there was vacationing to be done.

At nine we met up and headed over to Buffalo Chips for yet another lovely breakfast (I got the savory omelet this time). John and TBG got the country breakfast and Irene got the same omelet as I did. We had a leisure breakfast and then John decided he wanted to just drive some place, so we headed over to Volcano, found a shady spot and some benches. We sat and talked, did a little people watching and just caught up. Irene was very quiet and never took her mask off except to eat. Sadly, I left my phone back in the room charging, so there are no photos of our morning.

We ended up back at the hotel around noon, but were all still too stuffed from breakfast to do anything about it. So we all retired and relaxed the afternoon away. Around three, I got peckish, but happily there was leftover pizza. Watched Independence Day and then got ready for our 5:45 dinner at Taste.

Taste is one of the best restaurants around and Mark and Tracy, the owners, have really invested themselves in the community and surrounding area. They always have a special for the locals to entice them to come in. Tracy was there. Mark was at their restaurant at The Union in Volcano.

We had a nice little table and it was one of the few times I could really hear inside the restaurant. Usually it’s so crowded, it’s hard to hear. The menu was limited, but that was okay. TBG and John both got steak and could not think of a bad word for their dishes. Irene had halibut and was thrilled. Then there was mine. It was pasta carbonara, one of my favorites. Except it came with so much pancetta that it was nearly too salty to eat (and then they topped it with bacon). The pancetta was in large chunks, much too big. When Tracy came over, John told her that the chef might was to rethink the dish.
Still, it was a nice evening and I didn’t have a lot to drink, on purpose. Desserts kicked serious butt. The chef came out to talk with me about my dish, which I appreciated. Part of the problem is that I cook with very little salt and I don’t like anything salty. I’d never had anything quite like that in Taste. I suspect whoever put the dish together just wasn’t paying attention.

We headed back to the hotel before the fireworks started. Every year, the people are invited to come and set off their fireworks on the main street. The fire department puts a truck at either end, people bring chairs, dinner, etc. and make a night of it. They were just starting to set up as we were leaving at 8:15.

On the way back to the hotel, TBG stopped in at the fire station (just up the street from the hotel) to see if they were going to be doing fireworks. They were and he was quite excited. We got back to the hotel and I decided to call it a night. It was late enough that I was feeling it, so I went to bed and fell right to sleep.

However, John, Irene and TBG went over and he said they were great. I woke up after he got back and was in bed. I will have to get more details out of him (and hopefully some photos) in the morning.

All in all, a quiet and restful day. Perfect.

The photos

John and not such a great photo of Irene

Mushroom cigars - a specialty of Taste's

My carbonara

Irene's halibut

The potato tart that came with John's and TBG's steaks

Dessert a trio of brulees  cereal, starwberry and vanilla - all a delight.

Chocolate ganche cake - the middle is peanut butter.
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