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Foothills Sunday July 5

Woke up and was surprised that, again, I’d slept really well. It was just past four, so I made some coffee and tackled my LJ messages. Happily, the Wi-Fi cooperated and its speed isn’t bad. I finished up, posted everything I wanted to post and then decided to go back to bed. It was just past 5:30 and I woke up again at nearly eight. Wow…

We had time for showers and to pack up before John was knocking on our door. They were anxious to get back down the hill, so we loaded up and headed out to our favorite dining spot – the Old Well Cafe in Dry Town.

Ed is the owner/chef and is a hoot. He’s snarky and funny. The guys had fun with him. Irene told me all about the fireworks show and it sounded like TBG made some converts to it. They enjoyed it, even John who really dislikes fireworks (PSTD). He said that they brought up their front porch camera and it was a war zone in Stockton. He was so happy to be in the hills with us.

We had great breakfasts, TBG and Irene had hash and eggs. John had the country breakfast with pancakes (and he ate every bite). I had the ‘Club Ed’ omelet (hamburger, Swiss cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and onions). I couldn’t finish mine and TBG ordered a biscuit and gravy to go so he would have it for his breakfast this week.

During breakfast, Irene told us that they had had one of their cooks test positive (but the person had been off for three weeks, so no contact) and that another patient that Irene had had casual contact with tested positive. She is going to be tested again. Until then, we are going to play it safe and stay home until we hear from her. I’m not worried, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We said our goodbyes and headed to our cars. It was a fairly fast trip home, no real traffic. We stopped at the grocery store, masked up and did our shopping in double time. It was now noon and nearly 96 F. We got home and unloaded the car (by now tempers were growing short).

Inside, three of the cats couldn’t even be bother to get off the couch to greet us. Only Titan met us and complained bitterly about how he was abused in our absence. I’m thinking not so much.

We were delighted to receive a notice from the front office that our lease had been renewed without a rent increase. *yay* that made TBG feel better about us retiring.

Anyhow, we got the groceries put away and I racked my wine, then I set about putting everything to rights (putting away the rug cleaner, paper towels, washing out the morning’s cat plates, etc). I went upstairs and Jenny was very nervous. I gave her a scratch and went about my way.

TBG came up and she hid out of the porch while we unpacked. After a bit, she came in and suddenly decided it was us and not aliens. Then she was all over us. We started up the laundry and laid down to rest. Of course, I have four cats tell me how much they missed me and I gave up on sleeping.

After a bit, TBG got up and started on the white bean soup. I offered to help, but he wanted to do it. He did a really great job of it, too. While he did that, I put laundry away and tidied up some more.

Finally at 5:30, I super crashed, just in time for dinner. We had the soup and some ahi tuna mayo (ahi, cucumber and avocado with a wasabi/mayo dressing and watched the first on one of our new Poirot mysteries. By eight, I was totally beat.

Sadly, that did not equate to happy dreams or a good sleep. The fireworks started going off soon after and it was pretty bad. I’d doze off, only to be woken by a loud bang. Not fun. Then at 1:30, some couples decided to get into a huge screaming match. I’m hoping what I heard afterward was indeed fireworks and not gunfire. Once I got to sleep, I have horrible dreams and woke feeling like I’d been dragged behind a car.

I’m sure that Monday will be a much quieter day! Please?
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