spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Stolen from Stardust 1161

Been to an NFL game? Nope.  I’m more of a golf person
Been to Canada? Many times.  I’m half Canadian
Visited Florida? Again, many times.  Our good friends and GD lives there
Visited Mexico? Yes, I wasn’t blown away by it.
Visited Vegas? Again, many times.
Eaten alone at a restaurant? Only a couple of times many years ago.
Ability to read music? I used to be able to and I still can a little.
Rode a motorcycle? My mother was terrified of them, something she passed down to me.
Ridden a horse? A long time ago when my back was younger.
Stayed in a hospital? Twice for back surgery and once for ear surgery
Donated blood? Yes.
Been snow skiing? Not since I was about eight.
Been to Disney World or Disney Land? Yes, I have.  We honeymooned at Disneyland, in fact. And our Florida friends have Mouse connections.  Rose used to be the executive assistant to one of the VPs there.
Slept outside? Not recently
Driven a stick shift? I learned on one.
Ridden in an 18 wheeler? No and never had any desire.
Driven a boat? I have.  We had a boat when I was growing up.
Eaten Escargot? I have.  It was no great shakes.
Been on a cruise? Many.
Run out of gas? Almost, but not yet.
Been on TV? I have, but not recently.
Eaten Sushi? Love it!

How about you?
Tags: fun meme
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