spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Good morning

Tags: good morning
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But first, you must get out of bed.


1 month ago


1 month ago

That's one of my favourite Gary Larson's. I use it for project management classes. First plan, then execute. It simply doesn't work the other way around.
In theatre, we do the opposite. We imagine the end product, then work backward from that
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And if you stay in bed, you don't need the pants or the shoes. Win ... Win

Very true!
Important things to remember.
Some mornings more than others. :P
I'm alert in the morning, but bleary in the evening. My sign would read, "First clothing, THEN your pajamas".
And there are times when even that's too hard. :P


August 1 2020, 17:45:58 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 17:48:44 UTC

My version is First brassiere THEN t-shirt. :)

PS: Good morning.

(the coffee hasn't kicked in yet)
Oh, there are some days when the bra gets consigned to stay in the drawer...

Enjoy that first cup of coffee.
Haha ... not a bad idea to have a sign up.

Especially these days...
Eeyup XD
It's good to have help some days...
Remember, TGIF.
Toes Go In First.
Always a good pointer!
Yeppers. lol.......
Hugs, Jon
I see this of being a great help to some.
i have days like that! i have a sign in the cupboard with all my pills listing the things i need to do before leaving the house. things like brush your hair, deodorant, all the things i've left the house without doing at some time or another. mornings arent my friend.