spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

stolen from Stardust1161

Bucket List - please play along. You'll be surprised at the responses. Put a ❤️ if you have done it. This was fun!
I got: 37.
What about you?

Been Married: ❤️.
Been divorced:
Been in love: ❤️.
Gone on a blind date:❤️
Skipped school:❤️.
Watched someone give birth:
Watched someone die:
Been to Canada:❤️.
Ridden in an ambulance:❤️.
Been to Hawaii:❤️
Been to Europe:❤️
Been to Las Vegas:❤️
Been to Washington D.C:❤️.
Been to Nashville:
Visited Florida:❤️.
Visited Mexico:❤️
Seen the Grand Canyon in person:❤️
Flown in a helicopter:❤️
Been on a cruise:❤️
Served on a jury:
Been in a movie:❤️
Danced in the rain: ❤️.
Been to Los Angeles:❤️
Been to New York City:❤️
Played in a marching band:
Sang karaoke:❤️
Laughed so much you cried: ❤️.
Laughed so hard you pee'd:❤️.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: ❤️.
Had children:
Had a pet(s): ❤️.
Been sledding on a big hill: ❤️:
Been downhill skiing:❤️
Been water skiing:
Rode on a motorcycle:
Traveled to all 50 states:
Jumped out of a plane:
Been to a drive-in movie:❤️.
Rode an elephant:
Rode a Horse:❤️.
Been on TV:❤️
Been in the newspaper:❤️.
Stayed in the Hospital:❤️.
Gotten a piercing:
Driven a stick shift vehicle:❤️.
Been scuba diving:
Lived on your own:❤️.
Rode in the back of a police car:
Got a speeding ticket:❤️
Broken a bone:❤️.
Gotten stitches:❤️.
Traveled Alone: ❤️.
Bought a house:
Danced all night:❤️.
Road tripped with friends:❤️
Gone white water rafting:
Tags: fun meme
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