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nocturnus33 has challenged rhodielady_47to the Time Travel Challenge.

The challenge is this:

Go to the archives of the year you opened your Live journal account.
Find the closest entry to this date.
Post a story on your blog about it and add a link to said entry if you want to.

I'm taking up the challenge and offer this post. Boy, it seems like The Producers was a million years ago. I hadn't even started working in the front office at this point.

And again – it’s Friday. Funny how that happens once a week…

And what a week it was! After a lot of head shaking, the PTB decided that something from the show must be struck. It ended up being the very impressive false proscenium for the finale. It was a series of 23 signs that lit up in time with the music. That has now been changed to nine signs carried in by the show girls (and boys). Suddenly, we are back on schedule and within budget. The set is done, it’s nearly painted and is just being tweaked here and there. Next Monday, we will start dressing the set pieces and perhaps, even finishing the pigeon coop. Once it’s built, we can add our four dancing and Hitler-saluting pigeons.

Last Saturday, we attended the memorial for my mentor and former boss. It wasn’t so much the memorial that had me crazy as the fact that it was held in the scene shop – a place I hadn’t been since my rather spectacular accident and subsequent meltdown. You think it’s hard to return to an accident site, throw in a near nervous breakdown and it really kicks it up a notch. Still, I put my big girl panties on and did what needed to be done out of respect for JD. Glad I did it too – that bridge has been crossed and I’m better for it. Plus I found out the guy responsible for both my accident and ‘other’ had been terminated for sexual harassment of a student – maybe there is something to this karma thing…

Happily the DVD set of NCIS Season 6 arrived and we are happily working our way through that. I do have to confess to having sat down and immediately watching Broken Bird – Ducky on morphine…heh, heh…believe me, personal experience, glasses don’t help when you’re like that…

Aside from a visit to the dentist for a crown and bridgework, a mad dash for Hitler moustaches and the usual assortment of RL dramas that play out for us all, life has been on an even keel.

I finished up on the Seduction of Napoleon Solo series (over on muncle) and started back to work on what might just be my last “Eat, Sing, Love” story for awhile. I’m looking to new challenges for the moment…anyone got something they want me to draw?

Hope everyone has a smashing week with loads of smirks, guffaws and belly laughs!
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