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It doesn't help if you do a meme and then forget to post it

Five for five for the week of Sept 1st – 8th

Things I've done this week
1. Finished my quilting project
2. Scrubbed and waxed the laminate floors downstairs
3. Planted all the marigolds (and remembered to water them)
4. Written two Halloween fics
5. Got decorations from shed and decorated downstairs

Things I haven't done this week but need to:
1. Thought about new outfit for Fred for the next cruise
2. Scrub out shower
3. Go to Walmart for cat food
4. Write note to Barb
5. Wash windows.

Things I have treated myself to this week:
1. A copy of Mutiny on the Bounty
2. Some extra TV time
3. Decorating early
4. Lunch at Taco Bell
5. ???

What I am looking forward to:
1. Cooler temperatures
2. No smoke
3. Fall/Halloween
4. Moving from Stage 5 to 4 and opening up restaurants again.
5. Being done with this CV crap

Things I would splurge on if I had the money:
1. A new set of furniture for the living room
2. A maid service to give the place a good going over
3. A cruise before next November
4. A really nice vacation somewhere away from here
5. That’s about it…
Tags: fun meme
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