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The Friday Five for 2 October 2020: Summer Review/Just wondering

anais_pf post in the Friday Five

It's Friday somewhere!

These questions were written by spacefem.

1) What did you plant?

2) What was your favorite summer food?

3) What song will remind you of this summer?

4) What was your favorite body of water to be in?

5) What's been your favorite outfit?

1. Tomatoes, beans, marigolds, mum, various herbs, zucchini, and wild flowers.

2. Was or is? It's still in the 100+ range here, so summer weather lives on. Agua Fresca, salads and cold soups are the order of the day. I do love a good cold beet soup.

3. Kevins - The World is Burning

4. The Pacific Ocean, not that I was this summer.

5. Shorts and a tee shirt.
Tags: just wondering, the friday five
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