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Just wondering/The Friday Five for February 19, 2021

Manners - we all know what they are, we all know what they are for.

1. Do you think you are more or less courteous than your parents?

2. Has the pandemic effected your manners and in what way?

3. Do you think manners should be taught in school or at home?

4. If you are a woman, do you like having a guy hold open a door for you or would you rather hold open a door for a guy?

5 Guys, what about you? Do you like having a woman hold a door for you or does it make you feel weird. Why?

1. I think I’m at least as courteous, but probably not more than my mom, but way more than my dad.

2. I’ve tried to be more kind and considerate. Definitely way more patient than I was before and I truly appreciate my friends much more these days.

3. I think they should be taught at home, but some parents wouldn’t agree. I think kids learn by example, especially young ones. If they think they are entitled to have the world prostrate at their feet, no amount of teaching will help.

4. As a woman, I love holding open a door for a guy… mostly because it confused them, but they always seem thankful. I also tend to hold the door open for everyone. TBG tells me I have a ‘retirement job’ skill.

5. Not a guy, so I can’t answer this.
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