spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Some poetry fic for Grittypeasant

Title: The Jabberywocky
Genre: Minions/Despicable me
Rating: G
Word count: 722
Prompt: The Jabberywocky by Lewis Carroll for grittypeasant

I hope you liek the tale I wove for you. My thanks to you and to sparky955 for her beta

Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
did gyre and gimbol in the wabe.
All mimsey were the borogroves
and the mome raths outgrabe."

“What the heck does that mean?” Edith fiddled with the ends of her hat’s tassels. “I can sort speak Minion and they make more sense than that.”

Kenny looked over at her, unsure whether to be offended or not. “Mokatino,” he murmured and returned to his task.

Margo replaced the bookmark and closed the book. “Well, the way I understand it, no one really knows exactly what it means. Lewis Carroll, the man who wrote Alice in Wonderland liked to push the envelope and create words. Sometimes, he explains them. When Alice meets Humpty Dumpty--”

Agnes and Bob exchanged glances and then talked quietly for a moment. “Before or after,” Agnes asked, as she brushed her unicorn’s mane. Bob was braiding his tail.

“Before or after what, Agnes?”

She and Bob exchanged glances and then talked quietly for a moment. “He had his great fall to make up for a lousy spring.”

“Gru’s been reading you nursery rhymes again, hasn’t he?” Edith rolled over on her bed and studied the various war game maps attached to the ceiling above it.

“To tae!” Bob said with a thumbs up.

“Yup. He’s the best!” Agnes hugged her stuffed toy, the one Gru had won for her, hard. She loved Stewie so.

“I think it was probably before. Anyhow, he explained that ‘brillig’ meant four okay and that was when the tea was bring prepared… tea as in the meal, not the beverage?”

“You eat tea?” Edith was even more confused now and Kevin made a face at Margo. “That’s dumb.”

“In England, they have a small meal between lunch and dinner. They call it tea.”

“And what do they call tea?”

“Tea, I guess.”

Kevin blew a raspberry and went back to his strategizing with Edith. She muttered, “I’m never going to England. I’ll never know what they are talkin’ about there.”

“Well Lewis Carroll was English, so it made sense to him. However, Humpty doesn’t always have an easy answer.” She opened the book and skipped to the scene. “Listen, Humpty is talking to Alice and says,

‘Well, “slithy” means “lithe and slimy”. “Lithe” is the same as “active”. You see it’s like a portmanteau — there are two meanings packed up into one word.’

“Portmanteau? Whaaa?” Now even Stuart was confused and that wasn’t often, at least not to his way of thinking.

“I think it’s some kind of suitcase.”

“Why don’t they say that?”

“Feila pluka sim.” Kevin was resolute in that opinion. Edith giggled and nodded her agreement.

“They sure do.”

“What?” Margo pushed her glasses back up her nose.

“Kevin said they talk funny.”

“Well, minions shouldn’t go throwing stones…” She shut the book again. “There’s lots of theories about why he wrote what he did. One said that he was making fun of the pompous aristocracy and another one was just that he was being silly.”

“Sif lap.” Kevin exchanged knowing glances with Stuart and Bob. As minions, they knew exactly what Jabberwocky was about. “Nama to boca?”

“Si!” Both minions held up trowels. Bob ran to the door, then back to Agnes. He handed her his teddy. “Nupi mibo de lom nunu me?”

“Of course.” Agnes hugged the teddy and sat him on Stewie’s back. Bob grinned, kissed her cheek and ran out.

Kevin watched as the other two raced out and smiled fondly. He picked up the tray and adjusted his ball cap.

“Where are you going?”

Kevin picked up the book and flipped back open to the poem. “Pohqi wa, ko ta poem dif.”

“Planting stuff?”

“Si, pohqi wat.”

“So, it’s a gardening poem?” Margo made a face as she took the book from him. “I think I need to read it again.”

Kevin nodded and pulled on his gardening gloves. He’s wasn’t about to tackle the borogroves with them. Under his breath, he sang,

All mimsey were the borogroves
and the mome raths outgrabe."

Mokatino – whatever

To tae! – You bet

Whaaa – What

Feila pluka sim – They talk funny

Sif lap – or both

Nama to boca – are you ready?

Nupi mibo de lom nunu me? - Take care of him for me?

Pohqi wat, ko ta poem dif – Planting stuff like the poem says.
Tags: gen fic, minions, poetry challenge

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