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Anyone want a cat cheap?

Bête Noir decided to pee on a timing device this morning. No rhyme or reason about it, but it shorted out and can't be replaced. TBG is about to toss her out on her ear. Sigh. There are times when having a houseful of inappropriate pissers is a bigger headache than other days.

Yesterday I got a call from Araceli from the SCT box office and she asked if I'd be willing to make some calls to urge people to reserve their tickets for August Osage County. I called and left a bunch of messages asking folks to call the box office. No idea how many of them will. The problem I had with this is that we just did a mailing last week and many patrons haven't received their flyers yet. It seems it would have made sense to wait a week or so. I won't be doing this again for this show, although I'm sure she will be hitting me up to call people for their season renewals. She hates making phone calls. Me, not so much.

We are getting all ready for our 'banging pots and pans' cooking session with Chef this weekend. Last night I steamed artichokes so that he could have the hearts for the artichoke risotto we are making on Saturday. Also hope to roast off the peppers today. I'm not entirely sure of the menu. I know there's an app I know nothing about but for the rest of the meal: crab stuffed endive, Tuscan chopped salad in a tomato bowl, shrimp scampi, artichoke risotto, grilled asparagus and finally Meyer Lemon delicious cake with blueberry sauce. It's a fairly straight forward recipe (I'm providing the recipes for the scampi (America's Test Kitchen) and the yummy Lemon Delicious that I got here). Mostly, it will jsut be nice to see Chef and Irene - haven't since July 4th!

We put in a work order for the Giant bird that needs to come down. Now we have relieved ourselves of the responsibility in case it comes crashing to earth. I am hopeful it will happen today, but we shall see.

I hear TBG stomping around in the bedroom, so I'd best intercede for Bête Noir's sake.

Hang in there, everyone. Congrats to everyone who got vaccinated and fingers crossed to everyone waiting that soon it will happen.
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