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I can clearly see it in my rearview mirror...

I keep meaning to update, but this week has totally gotten away from me. By my reckoning, it should be Monday afternoon…

Today we ended up driving to Sacramento on the spur of the moment to go to IKEA. TBG had seen this cat tube on Jun’s Kitchen and he had to have one (he ended up buying five of them. Our cats are less than impressed.). We also picked up some candles, a new rug for the balcony, a new door mat, and some other bits and bobs as you are inclined to do when you go into IKEA.

I was worried about the wait, but there was no line. The cashier said that only happens on the weekends now. *Whew*

We got out about 11:20, so decided to head over to the Beach Hut for lunch (it’s in the same shopping center). I was remarking that I’d been looking at shelving units to replace the one that cats had destroyed in the study.
TBG: Let’s go back to IKEA and look for some!
Me: No. Once around IKEA is enough for me (and my back/legs).
TBG: Okay, you stay in the car and I’ll look.

So we went back to IKEA and he disappeared for a half hour, only to reappear and “You have to come and help me choose.” IKEA, round two, the upstairs. Yes, we had to walk the entire second floor to get to the unit he wanted to show me. It was lovely, but it was white… then we found it in grey… finally in dark brown (although it looks black to me). Fine. He went to check out and I tried to find my way out. Thankfully, a fellow shopper took pity on me and pointed me to a shortcut… which dumped me out at the elevators we took up. The spot was just off the elevators, but TBG didn’t know… sigh…

Okay, that got loaded and home we went. By now my back and legs were seriously grumpy and the a/c wasn’t working… did I mention it is now 92 degrees out? Arrgghh!!

Back home and a bit of a respite until TBG decided we had to start assembly on the cabinet. That went until 4:45 when I called it quits for dinner. I made scallops on a bed of butternut squash and potato salad and we vegged to Father Brown.

Araceli had asked TBG if he would help her set up her new printer. What she really wanted was to have it patched into the server so anyone could access it. He worked from 9:30 to nearly 2:30 to make that happen (before that, we finished assembling the cabinet). I went over and spent a couple of hours cleaning up the office of a year of crap. Nothing had been thrown out since I retired… nothing…. Now my old desk and the volunteer’s desk are cleaned off and usable again. All the filing is done and put to rights. Sigh…

I came home and got some lunch together for TBG and went back to the office to meet with Dennis. He wanted to talk to me about food props. In short, he wanted me to make cottage potatoes for the dinner scene so that the actors would have at least one edible thing on their plates… 11 actors eating approximate 3 oz. of product at for performances… it came out to about 30 pounds of potatoes. I see a lot of peeling potatoes in my future… And, mind you, we leave on Monday…

After that I came home and thought I heard someone knock, but didn’t pay it much mind… then the phone rang and it was our office. Apparently, our new neighbor had had someone climb in over her balcony and steal her son’s bike. They used one of the contractors’ ladders (which are everywhere). She didn’t see us all day and got worried that something had happened. How sweet was that?

We visited for a good long time and left with plans to have dinner together soon. Dinner was grilled steaks, trumpet mushrooms, baked potatoes and broccoli. After all of that, you would think sleep would have come easily, but, alas, no.

Today… today we shop, cook, and then head over to Jeff’s for lunch and a swim… and to put up the lanterns in his garden. Who knows what else is awaiting us? One of these days, I should think about packing, too…
Tags: cooking, friends, shopping, theatre
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