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Wow, Friday already.

Read at your own risk!

So, Wednesday we went shopping and picked up 30 pounds of potatoes and six pounds of chopped onions, along with putting gas in the card and taking care of a few odds and ends around the house.

At noon, we headed to Jeff’s and had a lovely lunch. Then it was time to tackle the lanterns. There are six strands with ten lights each. First we had to take the old ones off, then assemble the new ones before replacing them onto the strand. It was quite the task, but we got it taken care of and the lights hung. Tonight after dinner, we are heading back to Jeff’s place for dessert and to see how they look.

After all of that, we spent a couple of hours relaxing in Jeff’s pool. It was 88 degrees and the air temperature was 96, so it felt great. It was lovely to just float around and chat. It’s always interesting that we never run out of stuff to talk about.

Then it was home for dinner – pork chops in mushroom gravy – easy and tasty. I did some pan fried noodles and some mixed veggies (it always gets creative later in the week). I managed to stay awake for two Father Brown episodes, I’m not sure how.

Thursday and cooking time. We did up a small amount which we then bagged and froze. Then we did up a mess more, eventually an entire 15 pound bag, which made five two-pound servings (I learned about AP (Actual Product) vs. EP (Edible Product). TBG helped peel and slice potatoes, along with cooking and bagging them. We discovered that five minutes on one side, then you add the onions, salt and pepper, then flip everything over and cook for four more minutes had the perfect texture, so the potatoes aren’t mush when unfrozen and heat up in the microwave. We took the small portion to Dennis, heated it up and served it to him. He declared it delicious and perfect, thanking us many times for doing this for them.

TBG went off to take stuff to the recycling center and I went home to cook up the rest of the 15 pound bag. It wasn’t as hard as I thought and last night TBG took the three rehearsal bags and the first two performances over to the freezer at the theatre. That way, I don’t need to deal with them in mine.

Dinner was a thrown together. TBG went through the refrigerator and tossed a mess of stuff. He found some cheese we didn’t even know we had. I used it to top some boneless chicken thighs (I sautéed them, then made a simple sauce. TBG stir-fried some vegetables, then I added them to the chicken, topped with cheese and baked it for five minutes. It was very, very good!

We talked with our friends in Orlando and were thrill to hear that Rose and Wendy will be taking the entire week off while we are there. That will be lovely. Mike always works and right now he is working in one of the Carolinas on a Christian-based theme park (I don’t even want to wonder what their motion base ride are about). Anyhow, we will see him for lunch and dinner. That will be okay, too.

Today we are cooking up the other 15 pound bag of potatoes and the rest of the onions. Those will get us through next weekend and most of the one after that. It’ll make it easier for us when we get home. Tonight we are going out with Jeff for the first time since the Pandemic started, so we are all excited about that. I have been saving a special bottle of wine and we are dining in the same restaurant as we did last year for that last pre-insanity dinner.

And at some point, I need to pack…

Jeff's pool and back yard

TBG stringing lights

The first pan of potatoes for the record books

Still waiting to be fried up

The largely ignored IKEA tunnels

And to end, a sleepy muffin!  Little Bete Noir is exhausted from watching us work
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