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Day – 1 in transit

Woke up the usual time and hurried to get everything ready to go before TBG got up. He dragged himself out of bed at 4 a.m. and it was a mad dash after that. Go Paul from the drive service was there early and got us up to the airport without a bit of worry.

Everything is still very much on high alert for covid, so masks and distancing was the order of the day. Flying had changed a little. We were handed wipes the minute was stepped onto the plane and the head steward was quite firm about our masks always being in place. Even when eating and drinking, it was take a bite, mask up chew, swallow, and repeat. Same with drinking, mask down, sip, mask up swallow. Also, no magazine, no in-flight entertainment, no nothing. It made for a long flight to Houston. I quilted and TBG read and dozed.

The in-flight meal was a snack box. Ours had: hummus, crackers, breadsticks, a tomato type spread, almonds, olives, and chocolates. And, of course, the usual drinks and whatnot were also available

We got to Houston early and after a fast check and locating our gate, I ordered some lunch, only to have TBG grab me right after I ordered saying you have to come right now. They were starting to load the plane. I still had 40 minutes before we took off, but he was frantic to get on the plane.

Thankfully, they did serve a snack that made up for my missed tacos. It was a chicken and provolone sandwich on parmesan flatbread, toasted. So yummy! That held us until we got on the ground and to the hotel in Orlando.

The hotel was quite empty, like the week before Christmas empty, and they told us that we would not have maid service unless we asked for it. We are pretty neat, so that wasn’t too much of a hassle. They do bring us anything we need, so that’s helpful.

M was the only one up for dinner, so we picked him up and went to Chai Thai. TBG and I shared a three curry dinner (yellow, panang, and massaman curries. So, so yummy!

We tumbled into bed without really thinking about anything except sleeping and we both did, quickly and easily!
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