spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

a fun (and safe) meme

I promised analisa86.

1)👱🏻♂️ Brothers: 2, but both are dead
2)👩🏻 Sisters: 1
3)👶 children: 1 (adopted)
4)☀️ Tattoos:0
5)💍 Piercings: 0
6)🌴 Been to an island: Many many times and many different islands.
7)✈️ Flown on a plane: Oh, hell yes!
8)🚑 Ridden in an ambulance: Yes
9)⛸Ice Skating: Not voluntarily
10)🚢Been on a Cruise: getting ready for our 19th one
11)🏍Ridden on a Motorcycle: nope
12)🐴Ridden on a horse: Not for years
13)🚓Ridden in a police car: Nope
14)🏥Stayed in a hospital: Three times
15)👀Eye Color: Brown
16)📱Last phone call: Sparky
17)☕Coffee: Two cups in the morning and that’s done
18)🥧Favorite pie: Banana Cream
19)🐕favorite dog: Border Collie
20)☀Favorite season: Autumn
22)🎅Favorite holiday: Halloween
23)👮♂️Ever been handcuffed: no
24) 🍓Favorite fruit: Bananas
25)🍺 Favorite color: Red, orange, yellow
26)🚜Can you drive a tractor: I grew up on a farmer, of course I can.
27)🚛Can you drive stick: Learned on one.
28)🚂Have you traveled by train: Yes
29)🍲Favorite food: Depends upon the mood I’m in
30.)🚁 Have you ridden in a helicopter? Yes!

How to Play:
1. Copy this game if you want to play
2. Paste into your own status (where you type a post)
3. Change your answers: Go through each part and change the answers to your own!
4. Comment on my post if you played and I will check your post! 😁 Someone, please play. I want to see your answers!
Tags: fun stuff
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