spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

an update.

Haven't one one of these for a bit, so I thought it was time.

We are all set for Halloween. Yesterday I sent out the party invitations and set the menu, so I guess we are actually doing this. It will be the first time we have invited neighbors to come, but our circle of friends has dwindled over the years, thanks to death and old age... or is that old age and death? In any event, we are doing this.

Two weeks ago, I stopped taking my statin and my legs have never felt better. I'm still having some pain in one knee, but just the knee and that could well be arthritis. I'm getting ultrasounds done on both my legs come Friday, so hopefully that will help answer some questions, too. I've started taking supplements to help with my cholesterol, which wasn't an issue beforehand. the statins were a precaution... A precaution that nearly crippled me. Again, my thanks to you, shirebound. You saved me.

TBG took our friend to the City (SF) to have his ear checked out. He was a small melanoma, which they will need to remove. We were just happy it wasn't worse news. I had a lovely luncheon with Barb. Ever since her apology, she has been the old Barb again, funny, engaging and not confrontational.

She did tell me that she has pulled the plug on Thanksgiving dinner. Her family still refuses to leave their house because of Covid and so many of the other folks are getting too old to travel. We are going to have dinner at Jeff's and will all pitch in to make something. That will be fun. Then The Boy and J will be home on the 29th for dinner. It'll be our last one for a while, so I'm pulling out all the stops. I am so going to miss those guys (for anyone who doesn't know or remember, they are moving to Australia in April).

I am trying to figure out the best way of telling TBG that I think it's time we go with an artificial tree for Christmas. The real ones are costing the earth and we just toss them afterwards. I can get several wreaths and garland for half the cost if he wants the smell. The last tree we got didn't even have any smell at all. Keep your fingers crossed.

See? This is why I don't update more. Haven't done this is a month and this is all I can think of to report. Life is just too mellow (for which I am thankful) around here.
Tags: christmas, family, halloween, thanksgiving, the boy
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Not sure what previous posts have been like. But this one seemed newsy enough. It’s interesting knowing how others are celebrating a holiday. This one sounds very festive and brings back memories of sharing food and fellowship with our circle too. I loved the shopping and decorating part. I didn’t even mind cleanup.

Trees are outrageously expensive. And I always feel badly that greenery is being destroyed just for my purposes. But the scent of fresh trees can be missed.

It’s good you and friend could reconcile for the holiday, and are again enjoying each other’s company! That’s nice to hear.

Do you have a favorite dish for Thanksgiving?

Cleaning up is just part of the holiday for me. One way or the other, I know I will be cooking for it.

It's easy enough to purchase a wreath and some fresh garland for the smell. Our real tree last year had zippo smell to it. It was weird. Neither did Jeff's (purchased at the same time and place).

It wasn't for the holiday that we reconciled. It happened last month, in fact. I'm just glad it happened, period.

Not really. I'm not a fan of turkey and stuffing makes me nervous. TBG likes creamed peas and onions, J loves the green bean casserole and The Boy adores pumpkin pie. Making them happy makes me happy.
Since the 2000s, my parents use artificial Xmas trees. While I do miss the smell of real Xmas trees, you don't have to worry about a half dead tree catching fire and the fake ones are easier to maintain.
All selling points, plus the cost of real ones. There are ways around the smell. In fact, our real tree had no scent last year at all. :(
Yay for having a Halloween party and making new friends!

I'm glad that Barb is back to her old self.

Good luck on the ultrasounds, hope that can figure out what is going on.

Thanks! It's the first time in years that we have really known our neighbors, so it seemed right. I also know everyone has been vaccinated, so that helped, too.

Thanks! I think what was going on was side effects from the statins. Things are much improved now.
The City!! **bells ring at its name** How I love and miss SF.

Keeping you and your friend's health in my thoughts.

I'm an artificial tree gal. It's purty.
Yeah, we love it there. It's always a fun spot and I'm hoping that it will get its party back on soon. People are still scared, though.

Thanks! We can all use it at our ages!

I grew up with one, but TBG grew up with a real tree. it used to break my druid heart to cut one down... even with a tree lot, I still feel guilty.


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The Halloween party sounds like fun!
Fingers crossed!
I'm happy your legs are feeling better! And you're planning a party so your life isn't so unremarkable right now.

How do you have a X-Mas with cats? I gave them up years ago.
Thanks! It's only because my life is so unremarkable that I'm able to plan one.

They have never looked at the tree, ever. Our first cat climbed our first tree, but that was 42 years ago. Nothing since then. I do put cat friendly balls on the bottom of the tree for them to play with.
Good luck with the party.

I compromised with the Christmas tree by not getting one at all. lol But I did get an ornament tree last year.

No, I want a tree, just not a real one so much anymore.
Best of luck with the party!

Glad your legs are feeling better :)
Thanks! Me, too.
I'm so glad your legs are feeling better! Wow.

Hope you can convince TBG on the tree! And I'm glad you'll get in a nice visit with the boy and J before the move.

We haven't figured out our Thanksgiving plans. My dad's cousin usually hosts a gigantic Thanksgiving party at her house (like 50 people show up every year) but she and her daughter have both been VERY covid-cautious so I'm thinking she might cancel again this year, which is fine with me. Zen volunteered us to host his family this year, and my family might all be out of town (and I'm on call that week), so, either way, it's not going to be an exciting thanksgiving for us.
Me, too — thanks!

We'll have to see what happens with the tree.

CV really did a number on a lot of things, but mostly family gatherings suffered. *hugs*
When I lived in Shasta County I would get a $10 permit and drive up into the mountains and kill a tree myself. I could still do that except I am completely unfamiliar with the cutting areas here and also have come to realize that getting stuck in the snow at my age is likely to be a disaster, not an adventure, so I will buy one from a lot. Here they are mulched and reused so I don't feel bad about it.

I briefly considered getting an artificial tree this year. Then I read up on them - made in China, non-recyclable, last about six years on average, damn expensive for a nicer tall one - and decided to get a real one.
We did that up to a few years ago. TBG isn't getting any younger (he'll be 70 next year) and with my back, I can't go tromping through the woods. Now I've got him to go to a lot, but he hates it and the expense. He's having a hard time admitting his age and I'm having to watch him closely these days.

A fake tree just feels like a better choice for us in the future. My mom had hers for 40 years, then she gave it to my brother, who had it for 20 before passing it along to his wife's daughter. Lastyear I saw a photo of it, it looked great. I think you probably get what you pay for these days.
It's a very good update. :)

So wish I could come to the Halloween party. :o

YAY for Barb being back again. :)

Good luck with the tree discussion. :o
Hugs, Jon
Thanks! My life is just so ordinary.

I wish that you could, too. You're certainly invited.

Thanks! We *um* sort of talked yesterday. It did not go well.


3 days ago

It's great your legs are feeling better some drugs have bad side effects
That's what happened to my father he had a skin cancer removed from his ear too he's only just gotten the stitches out two days ago. I hope your friend will be ok.
I hope you can find a nice Christmas tree ,I don't have one.
Take care and have a great day 😃
Thanks! I'm glad to have them feeling better, too.

I think he will be okay. He has had many melanomas removed before without issue.

We will have to see what happens with it all. I suspect we will have a real one this year.
This is a fair bit compared with what I might do in a month *g*

It's nice to know the 'old Barb' is back; I hope she remains back.

I hope the move to Oz goes well for The Boy & J — I'm sure you really will miss them *Hugs*

We gave in over a decade ago now and moved from a real tree to an artificial one. It just became too much lugging it around, etc. I hope all goes well when you tell TBG.
:DD Even so, it's just a shadow of all the stuff I used to do in the course of a week.

I'm glad she's back, too. I missed her. Hopefully whatever was dragging her down is better now.

Yeah, well, first they have to get their place here sold. Sigh. it's always something.

I'm so ready for the move, but TBG isn't. It's time, though. He'll be 70 next year.
The pitch-in meal at Jeff's sounds fabulous :)

I'm so glad Barb is back to her old self ♥
We've always done that at Barb's, so I see no reason not to continue it this year. :DD
Great update. Good news about TBG and Barb and your health. Hope that streak continues after the ultrasound diagnosis. I can’t ever imagine getting an artificial tree, if only because I have no place to store it.
Thanks. I'm hoping so, too.

We have the storage space, but TBG is dead set against it.


2 days ago

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