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an update.

Haven't one one of these for a bit, so I thought it was time.

We are all set for Halloween. Yesterday I sent out the party invitations and set the menu, so I guess we are actually doing this. It will be the first time we have invited neighbors to come, but our circle of friends has dwindled over the years, thanks to death and old age... or is that old age and death? In any event, we are doing this.

Two weeks ago, I stopped taking my statin and my legs have never felt better. I'm still having some pain in one knee, but just the knee and that could well be arthritis. I'm getting ultrasounds done on both my legs come Friday, so hopefully that will help answer some questions, too. I've started taking supplements to help with my cholesterol, which wasn't an issue beforehand. the statins were a precaution... A precaution that nearly crippled me. Again, my thanks to you, shirebound. You saved me.

TBG took our friend to the City (SF) to have his ear checked out. He was a small melanoma, which they will need to remove. We were just happy it wasn't worse news. I had a lovely luncheon with Barb. Ever since her apology, she has been the old Barb again, funny, engaging and not confrontational.

She did tell me that she has pulled the plug on Thanksgiving dinner. Her family still refuses to leave their house because of Covid and so many of the other folks are getting too old to travel. We are going to have dinner at Jeff's and will all pitch in to make something. That will be fun. Then The Boy and J will be home on the 29th for dinner. It'll be our last one for a while, so I'm pulling out all the stops. I am so going to miss those guys (for anyone who doesn't know or remember, they are moving to Australia in April).

I am trying to figure out the best way of telling TBG that I think it's time we go with an artificial tree for Christmas. The real ones are costing the earth and we just toss them afterwards. I can get several wreaths and garland for half the cost if he wants the smell. The last tree we got didn't even have any smell at all. Keep your fingers crossed.

See? This is why I don't update more. Haven't done this is a month and this is all I can think of to report. Life is just too mellow (for which I am thankful) around here.
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S finally caved in and agreed to an artificial tree last Christmas, partly because real trees are getting to be too heavy for us to handle unless we just get a tiny one. Unfortunately Punky started eating the lower foliage so we didn't keep it up long, but we can probably put it up with the lower branches off if he does it again. It won't look very good but it will be safer.
That's what I'm worried about as well. We aren't getting any younger and the trees are getting really expensive.
As I often say, the absence of any drama is a good thing. Having a friend back that you thought you might have lost is a very good thing too. As the guy in my icon might say, "that's a big f----ng deal!" Happy Halloween planning!
It was a better resolution than I had feared. it's nice to have things better again.
Nothing to report isn't necessarily a bad thing!

We bought an artificial tree some years ago and are very happy with it.
I grew up with an artificial tree, but he's dead set against them. Sigh...
Glad to see that things are on the upswing as there's nothing like good news during these times of covid!

Hard to believe that Halloween is almost here......

And I've had an artificial tree for years....less mess!
I'm just happy to have life back to as normal as it's likely to be now.

I had one growing up, too, and it was lovely, but TBG is dead set against them — alas.
so nice to hear this (or read it, as the case may be). Your Thanksgiving sounds terrific.
Thanks! I hope that it will be. We just have to roll with the punches these days.
The Halloween party sounds fun! I hope the planning goes well. Are you going to do festive Halloween-ish food? One year for my pumpkin party I got pizza from Papa Murphy's shaped like pumpkins.

I'm glad your legs are feeling better. It will be good to have the ultrasounds done.

It's nice things with Barb are going well. I can't say I blame her for not wanting to do Thanksgiving. I like the idea of a sort of potluck Thanksgiving. It will be great to have dinner with The Boy and J. April will be here before we know it, I'm glad you'll be able to spend some time with them before they move.

I've had an artificial tree for years. Growing up we always had real ones (we'd go out to the woods and Dad would chop it down), but at some point my Mom decided she'd had enough of the mess and convinced my Dad to get an artificial one. At first I was devastated mostly because I missed the smell, but after seeing how easy it was to put up and take down, I was sold. I got the one I have now at Target on Black Friday five or six years ago, I think I paid $20 for it.
We are doing regular food (stuffed mini peppers, chicken sausage-cheesy egg bites, mini cocktail wieners and dipping sauce, veggie dip platter, potato chips etc,).

She has done it for so long that she deserves a break. There were times there would be 35-40 people there. it was monstrous, but it was fun (we helped out with the prep, cooking, and clean up).

I just want to look at them and show him that they aren't ugly. It's easy enough to recreate the smell with a wreath or garland. We will have to see what happens.
An artificial tree, used year after year, holds all the memories of the past holidays so every year you get more & more warm, positive energy from it.
I suspect that wouldn't sell him. I'm more vested in the ornaments than I am the tree itself.
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What about a reusable tree that you decorate with natural stuff like strings of popcorn and all that? And yes, for the smell, get wreaths.
We have one of those outside — the real thing would be too heavy to move around inside.
My parents had an artificial tree, and to be honest, I've never known any different. They're just so easy to deal with! And as someone whose sinuses can swell due to dust mites and, even worse, perfumes and some natural smells, it's hit and miss whether a real tree would set them off or not. Hyacinths and chrysanthemums do, lavender and eucalyptus don't!
I grew up with a fake tree and am fine with it, but TBG has always had a real one. He isn't happy.

If I'm so smart for you, why did I just try to turn off my remote-controlled fan with the TV remote? *sigh*
*hugs* Because you are staying humble. :DD
down here in los angeles they recycle the trees. you just place them on the curb or in your green bin and the city takes them away and uses them for mulch and compost, which the give away to residents and use for city parks. but yes, they are expensive. and the one i got last year didn't smell either.
They do here, too, but since we live in an apartment complex, we don't have tree pick up within the complex, per se. We have to take it to the main trash (50 yards) dumpster. That's too far for most folks, so they stuff them into the small bins, then there's no room for trash... and they aren't recycled.

I can't wait to see your Halloween menu. I bet it's to die for.

I'm sorry your friends have dwindled down. It's even worse when it's because they've passed. I can't imagine.

I didn't realize the boys were moving to Australia. Will you get to visit often? I know you guys do a lot of traveling. I bet they will miss you too.

As far as the tree, sell him on the cost. Tell him what other things that money could be spent on and what it's equivalent too. If the environment won't sell him, the money probably will.

We firmed it up yesterday. Savories are: Shrimp & cream cheese stuffed peppers, chicken sausage cheesy egg bites and little cocktail wienies wrapped in puff pastries and then dipped in a spicy sauce. Sweets are: chocolate mousse, apple nut tartlets and bread pudding squares drizzled with bourbon glaze. We'll also have a vegetable platter and a cold cut platter, along with other munchies. That should do it. :DD

No, we won't be visiting them often. We have a trip planned there for 2023 and will hope to see them then.

Cost isn't really an issue for him until we get to the lot and he sees how much they cost. I'm sure this year they will be even more and last year they were jaw dropping.
OMG statins, yes, Especially if you were taking a high or even regular dose. They will absolutely make you ache/hurt in joints and limbs even when there's no arthritis. I take a low dose old-style statin and have never had that issue but then I did/do have high cholesterol and I'm thinking of asking the Cardio Doc when I see him next if I can stop taking even that. But of course, with my genetics, my cholesterol will probably shoot up again.

You have to wonder what made Barb so touchy and confrontational...I hadn't realized she'd apologized and I'm glad she's back to her old self.
Is that Jeff who has the melanoma?

I'm so glad you can enjoy the holidays again and have the Boy and his partner over for Thanksgiving.

We've had an artificial tree forever. Real ones here are crazy expensive and drop their needles before you get them home since they all come from central and northern Europe.

Daily and I feel so much better now. Still have some pain, but that could be just regular old arthritic pain (mostly the knees). It's not worth it to me. I will find some other way.

She had a really bad falling out with her sister and her brother is refusing to leave his house, so I suspect that started it. she is back to her usual self now and will tell us in time what was going on. It is Jeff. His sun worshipping days are coming back to haunt him.

They are pretty expensive here, too, and I think it just starting to make sense for us. I grew up with a fake tree and have no issues. We will have to see what happens.
With KJ's dog I don't think I'll get a real tree this year. I don't get a huge one. Tree farms are sustainable, and the tree is recyclable, so I like getting a real one, but yes, even a smallish one is too expensive.
Yeah, that might not be the best thing this year...
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