spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

an update.

Haven't one one of these for a bit, so I thought it was time.

We are all set for Halloween. Yesterday I sent out the party invitations and set the menu, so I guess we are actually doing this. It will be the first time we have invited neighbors to come, but our circle of friends has dwindled over the years, thanks to death and old age... or is that old age and death? In any event, we are doing this.

Two weeks ago, I stopped taking my statin and my legs have never felt better. I'm still having some pain in one knee, but just the knee and that could well be arthritis. I'm getting ultrasounds done on both my legs come Friday, so hopefully that will help answer some questions, too. I've started taking supplements to help with my cholesterol, which wasn't an issue beforehand. the statins were a precaution... A precaution that nearly crippled me. Again, my thanks to you, shirebound. You saved me.

TBG took our friend to the City (SF) to have his ear checked out. He was a small melanoma, which they will need to remove. We were just happy it wasn't worse news. I had a lovely luncheon with Barb. Ever since her apology, she has been the old Barb again, funny, engaging and not confrontational.

She did tell me that she has pulled the plug on Thanksgiving dinner. Her family still refuses to leave their house because of Covid and so many of the other folks are getting too old to travel. We are going to have dinner at Jeff's and will all pitch in to make something. That will be fun. Then The Boy and J will be home on the 29th for dinner. It'll be our last one for a while, so I'm pulling out all the stops. I am so going to miss those guys (for anyone who doesn't know or remember, they are moving to Australia in April).

I am trying to figure out the best way of telling TBG that I think it's time we go with an artificial tree for Christmas. The real ones are costing the earth and we just toss them afterwards. I can get several wreaths and garland for half the cost if he wants the smell. The last tree we got didn't even have any smell at all. Keep your fingers crossed.

See? This is why I don't update more. Haven't done this is a month and this is all I can think of to report. Life is just too mellow (for which I am thankful) around here.
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