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Just wondering

When was the last time you went to a drive in movie? (About 1971)

in case you don't know what it isCollapse )

Do you remember what you saw? (We saw Leonard Nimoy in Catlow. I was scandalize that I saw his skinny ass)

Just before he stood upCollapse )

Did you ever fall asleep and wake up to find everyone gone (Shades of Wake up Little Suzy

The Friday Five for 12 July 2019

anais_pf posted in thefridayfive

1. What is your favorite place?

2. What is your favorite place in your home?

3. Would you most want to live in a city, a suburb or the country?

4. What is special about the town you live in?

5. How much time do you spend in nature?

1. That's sort of a wide open question because it tends to change from moment to moment. There are times when my favorite place is in the swimming pool or the kitchen or at work or on a plane... and so on. My favorite place is wherever TBG is.

2. Again, it depends, I love my bed, but I also love the kitchen and my shower... but the back porch in evenings with a nice glass of wine is pretty sweet, too.

3. The city. I've done the country and I suppose what passes for the suburbs in Vermont. I love being close to grocery shopping, my work, restaurants and services. However, I wouldn't kick if someone gave me a nice place up in Sutter Creek.

4. Lots of locally grown fruits, vegetables, and nuts, centrally located so it's just a short drive to three major cities. I like that you can get from one end of Stockton to the other in a short amount of time and that there isn't much of a traffic tangle.

5. Not as much as I used to and I'm okay with that.

Just wondering

Do you trust anyone with your life?

What was your first thought waking up this morning?

How do you start up a conversation with someone you don't know well?


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