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Good night

Japanese Ukiyo-e: Hasui Kawase, “Rainy Night at Maekawa,” 1932


Different day, same verse.

Sorry I haven't been around a lot today. The pain meds are kicking my butt and even with them on board, the arm aches. Plus loads of other bits are chiming in as well. I spent most of the morning sleeping, woke up long enough to go to the movie, then came back home and went back to bed. It's a beautiful day and I feel like I should be outside enjoying it, but that isn't happening.

So, for those who really get off on stuff like this, I am putting a shot of my stitches behind a cut. It was right after the doc finished. It looks (and feels) a lot worse today. TBG has been taking care of me all day and I've been enjoying that. When he gets up, we are going to make white chili, but he's going to have to do all the cutting. I don't trust my knife skills today.

Keep the faith and I will try to catch up with everyone tomorrow.

behind a cut for the squeamishCollapse )

Good morning

It's not Sunday morning without pancakes...

Just wondering

What kind of gardening (flowers, veg, ground, container, etc.) do you like?

How much time do you spend in the garden?

Do you think gardening is good for your health?

What are the names of some famous gardens in your city?


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