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Christmas Illya

The 12 Fics of Christmas - a Visit to the Foothills for Grey853

Title: Three Yelling Chefs
Genre: Slash, but this is G rated
Word Count: 1690
Prompt:It's Christmas Eve and Illya's back has gone out. Disappointed that he is missing Taste's Christmas party, he instead plays host to the Man in the Red Suit.

Grey, Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Foothills

“Okay, just a few more feet.” Napoleon kicked the hall carpet out of the way and helped Illya walk slowly through the living room to the recliner. Carefully, he eased Illya down, but even that brought a hiss of pain in response. “Sorry.”

“Not your fault,” Illya said through gritted teeth as he put reclined it He managed to get one leg up, but he was sweating with the effort.

“I told you to take the pain killer before you left the doctor’s office.” Napoleon lifted the other leg and reached for a blanket.

“And have you try to carry me in? No, thanks. I still have some dignity left. Not much, but some. Besides, if you’d thrown your back out, we’d be in real trouble.” Illya let his head plop back on the pillow and clamped his eyes at the blast of pain. Involuntary tears trickled out the corners of his eyes.

Napoleon said nothing, but pulled out a bottle of anti-inflammatory pills and shook out one into the palm of his hand. “Take this.” He handed it to Illya and then grabbed one of the ever-present bottles of water. While Illya swallowed that one, Napoleon repeated the process with the pain killer. “And this one.”


“Don’t even start with me, Kuryakin.” Napoleon snapped. He felt badly to have to be so firm, but he also knew just how deep that stubborn streak ran. He handed Illya the pill and watched him swallow it. Then he pulled up the blanket and covered Illya to the waist. “Now, you just rest. Do you want me to turn on the tree for you? Do you need something to read?”
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The Alphabet Affair - I

Title: The Alphabet Affair - I
Genre: Slash, eventually
Word count: 882

They are one step closer to their quarry, but Illya feels a million miles away from his. Written for the Beta Challenge on MFUWSS. Prompt: Ice and Invisible. My thanks to Sparky for her beta.

Illya watched the people come through the gate and was beginning to grow concerned when he saw a familiar shape moving among the crowd. Napoleon exited and nodded to his partner.

“How was your flight?” he asked casually. To anyone around them, it would appear that Illya was simply on hand to greet an old friend.

“Rotten. Yours?”

“The child apparently had an ear infection, a situation compounded by the altitude. The mother was less that sympathetic. I believe her comment to the stewardess was that she should try living with it. I now know why some animals eat their young. He finally fell asleep over Colorado.”

“I had a chatter. All the way across, except when she fell asleep. Then she snored.” Napoleon led the way to baggage claim. Both men approached slowly, scanning the crowd, looking for anything, anyone who might raise a red flag. The area was filled with people coming and going. “I believe we are Carousel Three.”
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The Alphabet Affair - F

The Alphabet Affair - F
Word Count - 795
Genre: Slash, eventually
Rating: PG-13

Napoleon is hurt that Illya has a lover who isn't him. This is going to make for an uncomfortable plane ride. Written for MFUWSS Beta Challenge.

Napoleon slammed his front door shut with more force than was necessary. He wasn’t sure what bothered him the most: Illya having sex with another man or Illya not having sex with him.

That thought caught Napoleon mid-stride and he nearly stumbled into his coat rack. For a moment, he just stood there and weighed the thought. Why should what Illya did in his free time matter to him at all, sex or no sex? What did it matter if Illya didn’t find his own partner attractive enough to care about in that way?

And where the hell did that come from? Napoleon thought as he struggled out of his jacket. His shoulder holster followed and he enjoyed the heady few seconds of weightlessness the action of shedding his weapon allowed. In that moment, he felt as if he could fly.
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Twelve Fics of Christmas - for Grey853

On the First Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: A Departure from Gate Three
On the Second Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Two Coffee Cups
On the Third Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Three Tired Elementals
On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Four Blowing Winds
On the Fifth Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Five Stolen Things
On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Six Towers A'Shining
On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Seven Days A'Passing
On the Eighth Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Eight Agents Thinking
On the Ninth Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Nine Agents Dancing
On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me: Ten Time Lords Leaping

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, my UNCLE sent to me:

Title: Eleven Ornaments Hanging
For: Grey853
Genre: MFU - N/I
Rating PG-13 (for some slashy comments)
Word Count: 2867

My thanks to Sparky for her Beta and to Grey853 for an ornament-buster of a prompt.
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A new Aunt Amy tale

Title:  Aunt Amy Falls in Love
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Prompt:  348 papaya
Warnings: love after 60
Rating: PG
Summary: Who says love is only for the young?

Thanks to Yelizaveta and Sparky for the clean up.  Link takes you to AO3

Are you ever too old to fall in love?  I think so.  Or at least that’s what I thought until about a week ago.  Now I am beginning to think that I had a lot of things wrong.

It all started when I was attending a funeral.

For more:  follow the link