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5 August
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Always been attracted to smart guys, which doesn't explain Spike, but oh well.

I've been married for decades to a fellow fan for nearly forty years and I've been bashing about UNCLE fandom for nearly as long. Before that, I an proud to say that I Grokked Spock. We have an adopted Japanese son, who started as my student and ended up as our kid. Like his mum, he followed me into theatre.

I've been published professionally and created one of the "Man From UNCLE" fanzine. I worked as a journalist and freelance writer for many years before getting tired of the crap that went along with it and returend to writing fanfic.

I work professionally in theatre for too many years and now am the office manager as well as a set designer and scenic artist for a local theatre. We travel frequently and I believe that the most important things in life are: food, friends, fandom, travel and theatre, but not necessarily in that order.


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